Indigo children

«When people come on Earth, they get born little. The little ones have possibility to know how much Big the World is. When I speak with adults, not everything is clear to me, but when I understand I want to speak yet more. By this way I became acquainted with many people which oned appeared interesting. They tell me much of that I did not know I study with help of them. And my mother looked at my ratings and said she will study with me long enough».
Sasha is ordinary child 13 years old which lives in Moscow. His mother is a child doctor, his father is a guard. He is getting «4» and «5» rating by the secondary school. However he sees and understands many things othergates than his coevals. At first he tried to talk about it, but left off then: «My parents do not like when I tell about that I see. They consider it is fantasies and nonsense. And they still say me to spend more time to get educated and not to be up in the clouds. I almost tell nothing to people around. It is not allowed. They do not allow me. When a man can appears and it is allowed to tell him he is shown to me. The Light goes by such man».

– What do you see the future of Earth and humanity?
– Good, if people will not begin war only.
– Why does such threat exist?
– People sleep (Sasha means «sleeping» consciousness. – Edit.). This dream is ill. Sometimes I am afraid by people, my friends are afraid by them too. Many people are wicked and unpleasant. They do not know it, but I see. Before people were quite another. Now they became weak. The weak person searches strong person, and strong person searches weak person, vise versa. Nobody expected people would begin to fight for peace which one was simply given at them. It belongs to them, anyway! The mother gives good toys to me, too.
But people are not all like those! There are kind and good people! Therefore I love them very much!
– Is it necessary to wake up other people or it is a personal business of each person?
– Yes, it is needed. People are constantly helped, but they do not obey often. Sometimes they do not want to wake up and then they get broken off to be awaked. It is a pity to see people which ones can not wake up.
– What way to wake up?
– Waking up is possible by the beginning to listen the world around us. It not that we hear by TV set and radio. It is voices of living people, beasts and sounds of forest…
Pain is created by people. A men feels badly because of he is not able to be friends. When you have friends, you will not begin to do bad things to other and people act just like this. They try to hurt and smile after this. It is not allowed to do! Many people like pain. While it will be continued a men will experience pain. It is needed to talk about it, because people are getting ill often and want to be happy. Happiness is that when people smile truly and does not want to offend each other. And yet happiness is that when something is given to you simply so, not because of that they want you to do something for this.
– Why did people become wicked?
– Because at them is bad because they forgot how to present, and want very much to continued to get gifts from others. Then they sell it or do not give to others. Unhappy people appear because of this and have nobody to ask. They must get present, but does not get, but want they purchased. And those who appealed have not money. Then they are told it is not for them, but it is not right because it for them. People stop to trust each other and begin to be afraid by those who act like this.
– What do you think: an internal irritation depends on a human personality or on external factors?
– When a human is angered, it is nobody's fault. A human is angered by oneself, he acceded already to it, by own inner. It is possible not to do this. But it is difficult, if a human already began to be angered. When I am angered my mother stroke my head and I get calm down quickly. It seems to me, it is necessary to do same on others.
– Will people be able to change in the best side?
– People will become better only then they will stop to do everything by wrong way. Now they act unfairly. These changes just began. People will change in the best side so they will not recognize themselves.
– Who are indigos? Why they are here?
– We came to help you. If you could manage independently, we would not come. We are people, as well as you, only a bit differ from you capabilities. The mind of man does not look like the mind of indigo. The mind of indigo engulfs everything that people name Earth, and the mind of man includes knowledges which he gets from other people or from books. Yet indigos feel all right. People are quite cold in senses.
– What qualities or capabilities are most essential for a human presently?
– Most important for a human is not being afraid by changes. Everything takes place now must happen. And it is yet allowed to let people to do badly. And the best qualities are calmness, understanding and kindness.
– Is not it to late to be engaged by the development of these qualities?
– This development of it is never late. But it is very difficult to become quiet person. People constantly worry by one or another occasion. And when they act badly, and it is seen by everybody then the talking of it is not accepted. It is the greatest problem.
– By what way you can comment on the motto «single land, single house, single nation» of People's Republic of China?
– Humans can not become like those for awhile because they are afraid by each other. People of China are also afraid and do it under constraint. People are not happy there, it is felt. But it can be truly if people will understand that to hurt each other is meaning to harm oneself.
– What means: to do everything in life?
– It means to create itself. Everybody comes on Earth only for it. But everything does not mean at once.
– What role is played by love?
– Love will help you because you know it the best of all. You need love. But it is impossible to love not truly. Many parents can not love their children, and then it becomes very badly at them.
– What is love? Why do people search it but don’t find?
– Love is that everybody doesn’t think about oneself but thinks about others. Love is The Force, Light, which ones are given to you simply so. It is The Gift which you must learn to give.

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