12-y.o. Anastasia lives in Indianapolis, U.S.A., and like all children goes to school, and during holidays staying with her grandmother. At this moment Anastasia, like Carroll’s Alice, has miracles happening... For her grandmother is not just a grandmother, but a shaman and healer, and together with Anastasia they often go to those places that require their presence and assistance. They work with the Earth, providing support to all living creatures, they communicate with the inhabitants of the invisible world... Since her childhood Anastasia is friends with the dragon, which grows along with her, and the last two years Anastasia channells messages, addressed to all beings on our planet.

Dear friends,
It is I, the one and only Christ, who is son of God, just like you are children of him, and you are my sisters or brothers, and Mother Mary is my mother so she is also yours we are all connected as one big great family, a dog, a cat, or any animal you say is a part of Earth, you are a part of Earth, the animal is a creation, the human is a creation, we are all family and a creation of God, or THE MIGHTY ANGEL. Each drop of water is a drop of magic, a drop of peace, beauty, each flow or breeze of wind is a breeze of whispers, relief, freshness, each flame of fire is a flame of bravery, strength, mystery, each time the Earth makes a circle around the sun it is a circle of grace, light, beginning of a new year, everything living on earth has a meaning that is important, but many of us do not know this, I cannot explain all the meanings because you might not be ready… The reason some of you are not ready to know or understand this is because you do not know who you truly are. You see when you know who you truly are, you will know who you are in your heart and you have to remember and know forever. As we lead to a different conversation I will tell you that not every single human or animal was created by the Earth God, I understand that you might think that I am going a percent crazy or two but it is actually true! But some people were actually made by a God, or Goddess from a different planet, these people or animals could have been made by a God or Goddess from a different planet, and then they could have been sent to be born on Earth to learn a lesson on how people and animals act, or they could be sent to learn a lesson on how to act and train better. So that is something I can let you know, but remember we are all connected.
Love, CHRIST          
Dear friends, hello.
How are you? I am fine; I forgot to say that this is I, the Frost dragon. Of course I hope that you are well also. I have been researching and found that our beloved Christ was actually born in August. I myself found this a shock as to we all celebrate it on December 25. The ancient dragons, of the Mayan Dragon temple, have discovered the ancient books and journals of Christ’s closest ancestors. Though they have only discovered strange copies of the journals and other information. The dragons have gathered the info and found that his planned name was to be Chrysanthemum. The reason the ancient and close relatives picked this name is because the flowers Chrysanthemums were actually the first flowers on Earth and they hold strong energy of God. But suddenly a beam of light shined on him and an angel came down and said that the name shall be Christ. The reason the angel said Christ is because Christ meant flower child of glory as so they decided that, that should be the child’s name. As one of the dragons in Dragon Temple found, one of the journals of Mother Mary said that Christ was born August 25th but the reason we all celebrate December 25th is because December is the month that Christ became known as God’s son of BRAVERY, KNOWLEDGE and GRATITUDE. So then as years went by they made it a tradition for Christ and his birthday to be celebrated December 25th.
Thank you for listening,
Your Guardian Dragon, Frost