Tiny Masters of Today

«Joyous, irresistible garage punk with sunshine choruses ...» – The Guardian responded to release Bang Bang Boom Cake, the first album of Ivan and Ada, the founders of the Tiny Masters of Today. And David Bowie «himself» called their first single «genius». What a reason for such fever in the press about teenage rock band? «Each of their songs was a barrage of distorted guitar noise and they obviously thought they were the coolest 11-year-olds on the planet ... They quite possibly are», – The Telegraph says.

The adult world has been conquered by the first two singles of brother and sister Ivan and Ada, who began recording their songs in the summer of 2004. What would not you come up with when you are bored, when the rain drizzles down all the day long, and there is not much entertainment! Ivan (guitar) and Ada (bass guitar) have always loved music. There is abundance of CDs in their home, including albums by «the very» David Bowie. And although earlier brother and sister took piano lessons, now they have  to work it out from scratch. The teens just laid out tracks on MySpace ... and then woke up being famous! Discs with their singles were instantly sold out. Not everyone who wanted could get to the concert of the Tiny Masters of Today. «Every one seemed to have gone mad, – says Ivan, – but we don’t do anything on purpose ...»
The guys are being recognized on streets, but the rest of their lives is not so different from the lives of their peers. They go to school in Brooklyn (New York), do their homework, hang out with friends ... They have to reconcile studies with the records in the studio and performances at various venues.
How the relationship between the musicians and the people around them changed after they were called «sensational» and «the future of rock'n'roll»? First who get to listen to the compositions of Ada and Ivan are of course their parents. By their reaction musicians can figure out the impression of their creativity on the rest. Not every teacher at school knows that Ivan and Ada are the rock stars. Many friends are their followers, there are many fans among adults who can appreciate music of the Tiny Masters and compare with other rock bands. But sometimes they have to deal with aggressive attacks. «When we write music, we don’t care about anyone's opinion», – Ivan says.
Besides the debut disc and the second album, Hologram World, young musicians are involved in unusual projects. At the festival The Underage Fest in Victoria Park adults were excluded, it was a rock concert only for people less than 14 years. Five thousand teens had much fun listening to brilliant rhythms of their favorite teams. «Get it loud in libraries» – another unique event, which Ada and Ivan took part in. Lancaster Library provides an opportunity to dig in books under a rock’n’roll bursts or a DJ set for people who have not been in the library for years. (Available for any age and budget «library» actions are carried out five times a year.)
Meanwhile, the guys take their music career not too serious. Ada, for example, notes that she would rather become a writer or an archaeologist. Ivan says that plans for the future are on the second place. On the first place is the eternal debate about who ate all the popcorn.

P.S. a year later ... «Brilliant hooks, shattering pop melodies and focused sound. It bursts with a joyful exuberance, – Plan B retells about the last album Skeletons with the best song Two Dead Soldiers, recorded with drummer Jackson Pollis. – If kids are the future of music, we're in very safe hands».