Mortimer Kolosov

The strong desire to cast aside all pompous roles of adults, conversing with children, and to listen, opening a mouth, appears in Morty’s presence. He is 14 years old guy who takes a great interest in computer graphics. In his judgments he is surprisingly emancipated to stereotypes of our world.

– Tell me, who are you?
– I was reflecting of this question. I ask people about this and do not understand what I require by them. But on your own I made decision. Probably, I am a human.
– And that does compel you to be predisposed to it?
– There are exceptionally external signs: blood, flesh, bones. My acts show same.
– Do you remember what has been before your birth?
– Possibly that I accepted as my recollections before my birth, were just the result of my fantasy. You can object this to thought I was deciding this with the lapse of time. And I strongly won’t tell I remember.
– Tell me then what are you feeling in society of another people.
– At me is enough difficult on life to be in society with another people. And I see the consequences of some aspects of my education and mental development herein. The complication of socializing with people in itself is a problem to me. I was taking repeated measures to fix it, and it is one by questions I constantly work on.
– Do you have the experience how all the same to find co-operation with people?
– It rather depends by people I am communicating with…
– Really, does not all depend by you?
– There was time, when I considered that I was succeeding to adapt to them, but it appeared categorically false…
– In your opinion, what is the basis of relations between people on Earth?
– If we will to take it exactly like the conformity to law (and it is not only between people, it is between any living creatures also) then the basis of their relations is some benefit of principle on their own. It is not always material benefit but it is exactly benefit.
– And why do you converse me now? Clearly, I have «the benefit»: I want to take an interview. And why do you answer?..
– It is needed to wide the look at the situation in this case. In fact it is possible to consider even a curiosity as a benefit: and what questions will put on me? So interest, you want to satisfy, is a benefit also.
– And tell me, what do you think what will happen with human civilization in the future?
– We will begin by the fact everybody waits Armageddon in 2012. There are many versions about what is it…. closing date of humanity, Last Judgment. But 5 thousand years ago it was known back something interesting will happen in 2012. Since it became overgrown with some by legends of different religions and shallow sects all of. Tenth everybody has an own theory on that score. It is such trite subject but I hope it will be interesting. I disbelieve in a version about complete elimination of humanity as a result of meteorite falling and in a theory about the ascension. But in general this subject is related to the question about a sense of life, the sense of the life, the sense of our existence...
– Do you think some sense is in this everything?
– I consider if a man will know or understand some sense in absolutely all own existence, it will now be so interesting. All people I know consist by two groups. Some people consider that sense is in that, how you will live in this life, other people suppose that sense is in that you will keep after it. In fact if we will die however, what sense is that to live by beautiful way is nothing will be kept after this? I am inclined fully to none by these two versions. I don’t think however this question has the answer. It is not necessary for us to know this. We ask this question over many thousand years and continue to live, although we do not know an answer on it yet.

INTERVIEW | Alice Berger
PHOTO, GRAPHICS | Mortimer Kolosov