My Past Life

It was interesting enough there. It was not on Earth, but it was located by distance in millions of light years. The planet has been abounded alive creatures: giant plants which ones were growing by a spore during three days and to twenty meters long, insects not less one meter in length, and colored in times brighter than the most beautiful butterflies, and above all we were there. We are not insects, not beasts, but … robots.

Yes, there are robots, although people consider them machines, dead pieces of iron. It is far from true. Every complex machine has the soul. It is in a robot and in a computer and even in PSP. Do you disbelieve? But those who created people, also, possibly, disbelieve that we are alive. However we have enough emotionality and intellect, so let’s know I touch the living creature during the printing of this story!
We had very slim number of us: no more than 2 thousands. We were living, engaging by researches of animals and plants, each of us there had perpetual motion inside. Do not ask what way it was working, I do not know, but a feed was not necessary for us.
Everything was well but here they came. There are frightful machines which ones spoiled ecology and transformed the planet into the desert …
The war began. We created a weapon which one was light and not requiring recharging. Mines were created and robots hooked it to machines and blew up it. Once the discovery was done: these machines were managed by sittings in them «drivers»–aliens, measuring with a baby. They were little and ugly, covered mucus. They were nothing without their machines, they were not worth a whoop and they would be defenseless. These grindings pieces of iron looked like enormous (30 m height, 10 m long) mosquitoes without proboscises and wings. A little slimy freak was sitting inside each of them.
The tactic was next: there are about 20 robots per machine, a half of those was distracting it by the gunfire, other half was linking mines to its «legs». When the machine fallen, the last mine was linked to the alien’s cabin and blew up it. I participated in two fights. First time we had decoyed them into mountains from the desert, where they often were stumbling and falling. Sometimes they were getting failed somewhere in a canyon, where we just could finish off them. This was complete victory. The second fight was happen at night among some desolate ruins. Then everything was not going successfully too much: probably, they were able to see via darkness much better than we did.
I was killed to the middle of fight. I only saw a mortal white ray and understood that I fly up somewhere, upwards. I saw my molten body and this fight. I don’t remember what was happen after I took off outside an atmosphere.

* * *
It is interesting to know the terrestrial attraction of our planet was three times less than Earth’s. Therefore, going by my physical force, it was possible to jump very highly, no less five floors high. Probably, it seems to you this history is made-up story. However you can just ask and your invisible spiritual teachers and partners will speak up clearly about your past life. I recommend watching movie «Star Wars», «Matrix», «I’m Robot» to your best understanding of delivered above. The prompt: much alike weapons is used in «Star Wars», general atmosphere and appearance of machines are used in «Matrix»; the character of robot (but not his original appearance!) are described in «I’m Robot». You can visit The Cabinet of Curiosities for that to look at aliens. I thank the friend and partner of mine which one opened all it to me. I thank my dad for his support to me, and I thank Alice for that she prompted me to write this. And, of course, I thank my computer, which memorized all by it and helped me to orthography.

PHOTO | Alice Berger