Secret of My Own Moscow

Moscow … I live here from my birth. And I just recently began to understand the real charm of this city. When I am feeling well it is sun here, when I am sad it is lonely here, when I sing my voice is heard all over a street, when I dream nobody will not understand and accept me so much like Moscow does. I can get dissolved in it, I can be marked. I can going to the lump, and, vice versa, I can spread myself on kilometers. Moscow is the part of my world. It is that where I live. But it is a motherland not quite. I do not love a word «motherland» at all. I do not see definition of it.

But in fact Moscow is not motherland, it is simply wonderful city. Although, possibly, it is not wonderful, but, at least, it is alive. A life is felt there. Streets buzz, passers are hurry and a wind blows strongly, taking from the feet … It is all same in the morning, evening, day, night. All around is often seen grey. And you look intently in this city and will see this grey one overflows million tints. It is different. And it is alive, too. Everything goes in a rhythm here. And even those places of slow down life are in a rhythm, for example, The Wall of Tzoy is such place to me, – however all those places live in a certain rhythm.
Every place of Moscow is magical, unusual and especial by one’s own way. Kremlin, age-old City, parks, gardens, areas, memorials … I like much to go for a walk in City, across Boulevard Ring. It will never be monotonous or boring to me, because on every walk I find some lost piece of mosaic by which one I fold the Moscow.
Moscow is one’s own for everybody, all people see it variously. Someone sees it by a sun and dry, someone sees by dirty and depressed, someone sees it in brilliance of the Kremlin cathedrals, and someone sees it in the grayness of outskirts. Although, outskirts are also full the riddles and secrets, it is not less interesting to go for a walk there than in a historical City. And if City is the past then outskirts are present and future. But Moscow is real city with own character and problems. There are so much personal, almost human qualities …
Moscow differs from any other city of the world. It has own looks, world view, traditions, orders. In past I lived here like many people live, not considering in sense of city. There are the going to school, home, courses, home, to take a walk (very rarely), home every day. And how it is possible to see a city if you were not going farther than your district and subway? Now I try to listen to heart beating of own capital, own city, own friend which one will give shelter and quiet to me to any, even to the most difficult situation. Moscow is magic to me. At me is easily, quietly here, but also it is not boring at same time. And this feeling will not appear until everybody will not expose the secret of «own city». Secret of everybody’s own Moscow.

TEXT, PHOTO | Ann Vlasova
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