Anastasia (Indianopolis, USA)

«Hello and thank you for sending me a letter. I will gladly tell you about myself. First of all I will tell you what I like to do. I love to draw! Art is one of my best talents. I can draw realistic and Anime! I am very good at piano and the Indian flute and the recorder (flute). I love music and am a great singer. But most of all I love to do meditation every day when I get the time!»

– Please, tell us about the creatures around you.
– My surroundings are no more ordinary than the surroundings around every other 12 y.o. People are the same as usual trying to copy each other. Though there are children that are just like me that I know I will soon meet. The creatures that I know are very amazing. There are a lot of people in this world that can see creatures but in the way I see them, I take them as the future within us. I have over hundreds of friends that I met, since I was three all the way to my present age. They are the gentlest creatures. Dragons are not the only creatures that I can see; I also speak with fairies, mermaids, animals, angels, talking fruit, Gods, and Goddesses. They are great friends and it is so funny when my grandmother, my mommy, and I have small parties and many spiritual friends come to join us in our singing and dancing nights together …
– What acquaintance was the most interesting?
– The most interesting time when I met a creature was probably when I saw my Grandmother’s angel. I was around 8 y.o. and it was spring time. My grandmother and I were having our usual morning meditation in a quiet corner of the room. We were sitting across from each other when all of the sudden I saw a lady sitting next to grandma that looked identical to her. The lady had a white robe with a halo, and angel wings. I started to rub my eyes in disbelief of what I saw and started blinking several times in a second. For a minute I was thinking that I was just being tricked by my eyes but then I found out that this was real. My grandmother started asking, «What do you see, what’s going on?» I pointed at grandmother and rose up two fingers to show that I saw two of her. She asked me, «Is she dressed like me?» I shook my head to show no. Next grandmother asked me, «Does she have wings?» I crawled over to make sure that what I saw was real and shook my head yes. Then the angel got up and walked over to the mirror, looked at it, and turned around. The angel put her hands behind her back and then took one hand out and opened it. Inside her hands were three little candies rapped in gold rappers, with red ribbons tying the ends. She held them out and looked at me smiling while I was sitting on the other side of the room with grandmother. All of the sudden my body started scooting me across the carpet closer to the angel while my hands were trying to stop me. Finally, my hands stopped me three inches away from the angel. The angel stood there looking at me with a smile holding out the candy in her hand. I slowly got up and took the candy from her hand. As this incredible moment happened I felt a gust of wind go right through me with warmth and coldness at the same time. It felt amazing and I could not help but hugging the angel with tears of joy in my eyes because I knew after all these years of not speaking with angels I finally was able to see these nonphysical beings. It was so … incredible!
– What can you say about the planet which we live on?
– I think that there is still much for people to learn about it but I know that the secrets of the Earth will open up to us all very soon. I know that the planet Earth or Mother Earth as I call her; is very bright and beautiful with a surprise around every tree you can find. The way I see the future of this planet is full of dragons, creatures, love, light, and peace everywhere. I can see a mouse friends with a cat, a cat friends with a dog, a dog friends with a horse, a wild horse friends with a human … I know this day will come to our Earth very soon! I see this in the future full of every color ever thinkable, full of unknown animals, and love in every soul within and without. I know this is coming. I can work with the Earth telepathically. It is very calming when I hear her voice speaking to me through heart. I can speak to animals (children of Mother Earth) very clearly with the help of Mother Earth. I can hear what animals are thinking. I can feel their hearts. I know that someday I will be able to do much more with Mother Earth but right now I have opened a great knowledge.
– Do you know how to build new or strengthen existing human relationships?
– I cannot say that I am very good with make to people friends after separations, but I know that I am good at creating peace between fights …
– Did you ever think about infinity?
– I have wondered/thought about infinity/infirmity for a long time but never quite understood it. Describing this is not very easy, but to me infinity means different things but what I think of it the most is never ending peace, happiness, never ending life, creation ...
– What thoughts come into your head?
– I have many thoughts in my head … some good, some not as nice. I really think about the world, school, my family, and friends. There are many things that I think about that I do not know why I think these thoughts. To get rid of unliked thought such as about fights, television, and bad music I think of a gold pyramid with me sitting inside of it concentrating on all the wonderful thoughts of the world.
– Is there something for adults to learn from teenagers?
– I do not think that there is a lot for adults to learn from teenagers except one thing … being in a joyful mood. Adults can get frustrated once in a while because of bills, taxes, money, and different things that an adult has to deal with but at the same time teenagers have to deal with frustrations in school, tests, parents divorce, a boyfriend or girlfriend braking up with them, bullying, or things that happen at home. This can become a problem to the everyday adult that they are frustrated and cannot try to let go of frustrations and let their sole fly from the physical world that keeps them from seeing more to the world than there really is. I understand that the things causing frustrations are hard to take care of but I know there is always a way to try to take a break from frustrations.
– What is creativity and inspiration for you?
– Creativity means to take your time on something, and to thrive and collect inspiration for the creation you want to create! I think you have to make creation with your heart. Creation is all around us … you just have to notice it.
– Are you happy?
– Yes. I am a very happy person. To me joy/happiness means that you are smiling from the heart, you are in a good mood surrounded in great thoughts. That is the way I am and most of the people around me.

INTERVIEW | Alice Berger