Thousand faces of God

No doubt you spend much time at the mirror. What do you want to realize, looking at your reflection? Your nose is long or snub, your eyes are large or not, your lips ... your eyelids, cheeks, hair ...

Not many people are completely and irrevocably satisfied with their appearance. Such beauty as Audrey Hepburn, for example – she complained about the shape of her nose. There are so many examples like this!
But why does it happen? Is there a standard of beauty? Or may be the question is the ability to see the harmony in the most ordinary things? To recognize the excellence of your face – it requires some courage and ambition to get to the truth. And yet an absolutely new point of view.
Of course, you know that man was created in the image and likeness of God. So it is logical to assume that your face is one of the faces of God. You can prove it, looking at your reflection in the mirror and thinking about perfection, grandeur and omnipotence of God, the embodiment of LOVE. The answer lies in the depths of your own eyes. Look out the hidden treasure – YOUR BEAUTY!

TEXT | Alice Berger