Your world

World – is an infinite variety of individual worlds. And when you are calm and happy, you can show yourself as you came into this world.
World needs you as you are, individual, different from the others.
Whatever you do, do it yourself. It's you who creates, creates your own world.

The sun's risen and is shining brightly in the window. You've awoken, you're here again.
– What do you feel?
– I feel cosy and happy. I like my room, because I placed all the things the way I wanted. All things look at me, and I know they feel cosy and happy too. This is my world, and I place all the things the way I like in it. Therefore, I feel always good in my room.
– Do you see the girl in the window? What does she feel?
– She is going to school. She feels also good.
– And yesterday?
– Yesterday – no. Yesterday she was worrying, she thought nothing would work well.
– And her world, is it also her room?
– I don’t know exactly. Probably. She plays the piano. Therefore, her world is her playing the piano as well. I like her playing.
– So, do you like her world too?
– Of course.
– And when something doesn’t work, what do you feel?
– Yes, I know, it happens. But it means that I just don’t know or don’t know how. It is OK, and it is my world as well.
TEXT | Julia Magurova
PHOTO | Alice Berger, Svetlana Nezabudda