Inna Kozhurina

It is very comfortable to communicate with 14 y.o. Inna, but to write about her is not so easy. It is difficult to find words that would reflect the joy of such a communication ...
And if we approach the matter more formally, then Inna likes to read and listen to good rock music, she learns German language, and weaves tapestries. Most of all she resembles a young elf, and it is not surprising: Inna is keen on fantasy and dreams to meet real dragon.
But we talked with her not about the beautiful world, inhabited by wondrous beings with extra power ...

– What would you like to be asked about?
– The relations between people.
– Teenagers often have difficulties to build relationships with peers. To come to an agreement is very difficult, everybody complains of the misunderstanding by other people.
– People are different ... let us take for example musical preferences. You can learn a lot about personality of a pal depending on music that he listens to, books that he reads.
– And if there are two persons, one of which listens to pop music, and another one – rock music, could they befriend each other?
– If they are deep people, they could. Deep one is not looking at a person's appearance, but at his behavior, at his thoughts. And he accepts him as he is.
– And can a superficial man become a deep one?
– I think he can.
– Would you like to improve relations with someone?
– I can be a friend of someone who wants to be my friend. And probably I also really want to be a friend to those who don’t want to be my friend, but ... actually I want to be a friend for everybody, but that's not always possible.
– Did it happen, when you wanted to be friends with one person, but your relationship was not successful?
– Yes, it did. I tried to find a mutual topic for both of us. As a result, we have good relationship, but did not become good friends.
– And do you dream often? And what are your dreams about?
– Of course often. I dream that something magical will happen, or I would like to meet someone who has super powers. Or I would like to posses super powers.
– And what would you do when you acquire super powers?
– The first of all, I will make my mother healthy, and that my father would be able to spend more time at home with us. Second, I would like to visit Moscow more often. Third, I want to build good relations with people.
– Do relationships with people give you a feeling of happiness? And what is happiness?
– Happiness – is when all is well with you and others ...
– Can we ever be in a state of happiness?
– No, it’s impossible. Otherwise there is nothing to compare.
– Please compare your life before you were 12 and now.
– I have grown. There is more responsibility now. I began to think about religion. I realized that it does not matter what religion you believe. More important is what you believe in. I know some atheists – they are very good people ...
– And what is faith? Do religious people differ from atheists?
– There are just few of those who do not have faith at all. People may think that they are unbelievers, but in fact they believe in something. In each religion there are a specific God, certain laws, rituals and certain ways to pray. For example, in the Orthodox Church there are a lot of icons; people are standing on their feet. In the Catholic Church people are sitting, the organ is playing. Orthodoxies and Catholics say about each that the other have a wrong faith. But there is no wrong Faith. If people believe in something – it does not matter what they believe in. If this is what they believe in, it can have different appearances and different names. So they believe in the same thing. But they quarrel over this ...
– What does faith give to people?
– Very much ... I can’t imagine how people can live without faith ... If a person – for example, the Orthodox – believes that his religion is the only correct one, let it be so for him … if it is easier for him to live and pray.
– Faith helps to improve relations between people, make them to be more tolerant, isn’t it?
– If people believe and belong to one religion, it helps. People with faith try to be more kind, to help each other and think first not about themselves, but about others.

INTERVIEW | Alice Berger
PHOTO | Ann Vlasova, Inna Mishina, Alice Berger
TRANSLATION | Elena Konopleva