Daniel Bobkov

12 year old Daniel has a keen and vivid mind. Take for instance one of his passions – study of insects. He even used to fall asleep with the book Life of Insects by Fabr while researching other articles on this topic. Daniel likes to watch ants, bugs, caterpillars and dragonflies while outdoors. He is excited to spot a rare kind and can tell interesting details about it. Daniel is also very creative: he likes to play with play dough and populate the planet Yalmez that he created. Studying the existing reality to create his own … Danya knows a lot about it.

–    Have you ever thought about infinity?
–    I often think about it. When I first heard that Universe is infinite, I wasn’t surprised, as if I always knew it. I imagine it like that: she moves away and there is no end to it. No matter how long you walk, there is no end, it will always move away as the horizon …
–    What are your hobbies?
–    Roller skating, reading and playing video games. But most of all I like to make things out of play dough. When I start creating something, I feel inspired and like to admire it once finished. I can get inspiration from anything – a shadow or a movie or something else. I can do it forever as long as I have time and energy. Being creative is very important to me.
–    What do you think determines the relationship between people?
–    I think it’s their personalities. If they are compatible, they become friends, if not – enemies. To improve the relationship, it’s important to compromise. Then everything will be fine.
–    Do you like to live? Do you want to change anything in your life?
–    Of course! Who doesn’t like it? And I don’t want to change anything; I like the way things are.
–    Did you ever experience when a complicated situation was miraculously resolved or when I a wish that you thought could not be fulfilled came true?
–    Yes, when I have a strong desire to resolve a problem it gets resolved. As far as wishes … I don’t recall. Mostly small wishes come true: you just had a thought and all of a sudden in three days it comes true.
–   Do you dream often and what are your dreams about?
–   Not so often … Mostly about things being better then they are now! For instance to get better at school, to become a lower or an architect. To become a better person when I grow up.
–    Do your dreams come true?
–    Yes, for instance in elementary school I wanted to bring more attention to myself. And all of a sudden a school theater was formed. We staged Pushkin’s stories. I played prince Elisey, so my dream came true.
–   What kind of thoughts do you mostly have?
–    Different ones.
–   Do you ever have a thought that keeps reappearing to you?
–    Well, when I do something wrong, I keep thinking and analyzing and then try to correct it.
–   If you have heavy thoughts, how do you deal with it?
–    I don’t think I ever had bad or sad thoughts. I don’t want to remember them now … just put it in the dark corner.
–    Did you hear that thoughts can materialize? Do you believe in it?
–    Of course, I experienced it many times. For instance we make a lot of mess during building process in a class. Two students are always assigned to clean it up after the class. I did not want to do it three classes in a row and I wasn’t called.
–    Can you create your own reality?
–    My dad and I created a planet Yalmez with the country Neil populated with 75 millions people, elves, gnomes and huge ants. They build ant piles as big as Egyptian pyramids. There are multilevel terraced houses. People often have wars typically because of money issues. Neil is of the size of Germany and France together. Currently it’s ruled by an emperor. It used to be communistic country but once I realized that it’s not at all good, it became capitalistic. The national currency is stucle. The flag has three stripes: yellow, green and red from left to right.
–    Do you think this dream can become a reality?
–    I would like to live in Neil, but I don’t think it will become real. In general, to make a wish become real, you need to bring it into your life. Eliminate from your reality what you don’t like and add what you do like. You can make your house look the way you want gradually. If you live the way you want, then your dream might come true. You just need to have a strong desire.
–    What do you want to try and to experience that will help you to learn more about life?
–    I want to go on a long trip around the world and have adventures.
–    What do you want to become as an adult?
–    I want to create my own sculpture gallery so people can see the world through my eyes, and to bring them joy.

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