Star Wars

Star Wars … These words make many hearts beat faster … What is it? Some will say that Star Wars is a science fiction movie. But they will not be correct. Star Wars is not just a movie, it is the whole new culture or maybe even a religion. Look at all the fans, who consider themselves Jedi? What about all the Sith, assassins, clones … These words will mean nothing to a person who is not familiar with this culture.

Who are the Jedi? This is more deep question than it seems. Seems like it’s enough to see a movie to know the answer: Jedi are supermen in cloaks with laser sticks. But it is much more complicated than that. Jedi is an organization that keeps the peace and order in the Galaxy. Not everyone can belong to it. Only chosen ones who have medichlorians in there blood – microscopic entities who live in symbiosis with their host. Medichlorialns produce special biological energy – the Force. Jedi use this force to predict events and move objects from a distance. It gives the healing power and other supernormal abilities that ordinary person does not posses. However, Jedi use the Force only to help others and to keep the peace.
There is also another sect of Force adepts. Those are the Sith. They also have medichlorians, but they use it only for their own gains, and to obtain more power. Unlike the Jedi who consist of many thousands of people and aliens from many different planets, there are only two Sith. A teacher and a student. Nothing more nothing less. Jedi always resisted Sith since they disturbed the peace and wellbeing in the Galaxy while trying to seize the power.
To me, Star Wars is a hobby and the topic for reflection. On one side, there are the same feelings, problems, emotions and temptations in Star Wars as in our world, but the technologies and the way of life are different. Many fans could see the hints on real life and politics in the movie plot. As in our world, Star Wars have a fair Republic, evil Empire and greedy Trade Federation. But it’s up to you to decide who is who in our world …
May the Force be with you! (I could not resist saying that.)

PHOTO | Alice Berger