The Age of Winding a Spring

This is the definition of the age between 12 and 17 given by Gregory Kvasha, the author of a structural horoscope. According to his theory, human life can be divided into stages that match the signs of the Zodiac. Every stage has its goals and personal fulfillment during this stage depends on how well these goals are understood.

Our entire life can be broken into the life cycles. Childhood years fall under the following signs: Rooster (up to 1 year old), Monkey (1–3 y.o.), Horse (7–12). Youth: Ox (12–17), Rat (17–24), Pig (24–31), Dog (31–40). Mature age: Snake (40–55), Dragon (55–70), Cat (70–85), Tiger (after 85). Transition between childhood and youth and between youth and adulthood is accompanied usually by crisis. However this crisis is constructive. The first part of every cycle for Rooster, Ox, Snake – is for planning. During this time a personal life program gets determined. This process defines a future potential similar to winding a spring, and is not set in stone. During the infancy, a child (Rooster) was learning about space, time, sounds and collected energy winding a spring of his ambitions that could not be realized at that time. Now, during the age of Ox, a teenager makes real plans and the higher the plank, the more he can expect from life. During this stage, it's important not to rush to achieve one's goals. Not to hurry to make a fortune, fulfill one's sexual dreams, or obtain a profession. Emphasis should be on winning contests and competitions helping to feed one's hopes and feel enormous abilities without really achieving concrete results. Next level is entered through breaking a shell. Leaving the womb, a person breaks the first shell to enter a family circle that he will be completely dependent upon. At the age of 12, person breaks family ties entering the society where he will realize his dreams. Independent and self fulfilled at 40, he will leave this environment as well. The main meaning of life span development is the rebirth. First time a child was born as a physical body. At 12, he emerges as intellectual and thinker. Previous stage is the period of intellectual formation. If the intellectual potential the stronger the transition period at the age of 12 is going to be strong. At the opposite, small intellectual base will transpire to the light transition but quick and unsuccessful career. One should treat the emerged intellect very carefully as a newborn: gently develop, protect from «drafts» (bad influences), and most important understand that it is still very helpless.
Girls also develop feminine side filled with care of their looks, clothes, house, and bearing and nurturing children till the age of 40. Even though a child forms relationship with his peers, main focus remains on his family until he turns 12. He loves his parents, is afraid of them, tries hard to please them and looks to them for protection. But after 12, he turns his attention to society – classmates, friends, sport team members etc. He measures his success not by praise from his parents but by rating among his teenage peers. Girls have slightly different priorities. They are torn by contradictions: vague dreams and strong will, well defined goals and determination to achieve them, cruel and sometimes even rude attitude and strong desire for true romantic love, and sometimes worshiping of a pop star – they have to go through it all. The meaning of this is to gather energy for the future. During teenage years, a girl develops dreams about true love and happy family. As for boys, it's better to avoid sexual pleasures not only because of a risk of pregnancy or disease. Sex at this age does not make the love stronger but destroys it. At this age it is very important to learn how to be lucky. This will help to choose a profession, since an inexperienced person has to make a life decision of choosing a career. One needs imagination as well as pragmatic skills. Spirit of this age is filled with light and is very joyful to be depressed by broken heart or broken hopes. Even if a depression will take a hold, it could be cured by being close to nature. The family should remain the place to stay until the age of 17.

TEXT | Ann Gris
GRAPHICS | Art school Preobrazhenie by T.Kirpicheva (SPb)