Hermione and brilliant discovery

The heroin of Harry Potter’s saga «Hermione» Emma Watson in collaboration with People Tree has released fashion line of clothes for youth. The young actress says, that she doesn’t see herself as future designer, but she likes the idea of helping poor people, creating a fashion collection for teens.

– How and when did you first hear about People Tree?
– I’ve been interested in Fair Trade for about three or four years now and one day I met a friend who was wearing a nice t-shirt and I asked him where it was from and he told me People Tree. I had never heard of People Tree before and he started telling me about the brand and he was also a friend of Safia’s and so he introduced me. I was just really interested in it. And a couple of weeks later she asked me whether I would be interested in putting together a range for the people my age as a lot of the People Tree clothes were for 20 years and up. I thought it was a pretty cool idea and I got to work straight away and we put together this range.
– What were your initial thoughts on the company and its aims?
– As someone who is very interested in fashion and has been doing a lot with the fashion world recently, I thought it was a really amazing idea to try to alleviate poverty through such a strong industry and it’s something fun as well. Rather than giving to charity, this gives people the means to fight their way out of poverty themselves with dignity. It gives them the chance to work. It gives them their pride.
– Are Fair Trade and organic clothing something you have been interested in for a while i.e. before you met Safia?
– I first started learning about Fair Trade fashion simply because I did a piece of geography course work on it. I thought why isn’t everything Fair Trade? From that point I started to look for labels that were Fair Trade and started researching it. When I thought of Fair Trade I thought of bananas and coffee and I thought this was as far as it went. But, of course pretty much anything can be Fair Trade. My collection is very much based on cotton and jersey which all can be made Fair Trade and organic. It’s so great to work with something that hasn’t been made with chemicals and is helping someone abroad who isn’t earning a lot of money. The great thing about these clothes is that they are comparable to high street prices so affordable but go towards a really good cause. You win all round.
– Why is it important to you and why do you think it matters to other young people?
– It sounds like a cliché, but we are the future. The earth is ours and will be our children’s and I think that more than any other generation we are more aware of the environment and humanitarian issues and of course global warming. We are aware of the need to be kinder to our planet and to take care of the people al over the world. I think people my age are aware of it, but for some reason organic and Fair Trade fashion is still hard to find. I was just excited that People Tree wanted to do something for young people.
– So, when you first met Safia, what were your thoughts? How did you see yourself getting involved with People Tree?
– People Tree currently aims at 20–30 year olds and above and is also doing baby clothes. But, they weren’t doing anything for people my age. So Safia approached me to do something for teenagers, to fill that gap. We put a collection together which are mainly clothes but there is also a bedspread and some jewellery including this recycled sweet wrapper necklace which I thought was amazing. It comes in a box made of sweet wrappers. We’ve also done hats and scarves.
– You’ve taken the role of creative consultant with this range, why did you opt for that rather than «designer»?
– I have been very heavily involved in the design side, but I don’t want to take credit for being a designer as I haven’t trained as a designer, I haven’t been to art college and I didn’t want this collection to be about me, and this is not an Emma Watson clothing line. This is not a celebrity endorsement, this is something I thought was a really great idea and I wanted to help with. I just thought fashion was a great way to help people.
– Do you have any desires or plans to design for anyone in the future?
– I don’t have any plans to become a designer. I am doing this because I really care about the cause and it was so much fun to be involved with.
– What was the ethos behind it? Did u have an overall vision for the range?
– I went through my wardrobe and thought that if I filtered out my clothes and took it down to the absolute basics, what would I want in my wardrobe? It was cotton vests, really easy t-shirt dresses, nice scarves and maybe an easy summer linen shirt. And with the boys it’s just the basics such as a comfortable hoody. I’ve done a couple of art designs for t-shirts too including, «I’m not toxic» for the boys and for the girls I’ve done, «please don’t panic I’m organic». I was aware that I didn’t want to preach, you don’t want to be too serious or too heavy. I also came up with a daisy chain print which I’m proud of, it’s fun and messy. I just wanted t o make something wearable and cool and easy.

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