«I teach, and they run away. I listen, and they come. My strength is my silence». Akiane, child prodigy of 9 y.o.

By The Light
Against ocean waves
My senses hold eroded canyons
On a nine-mile-high cliff today I see You
From different scenes all in sync
Where inspiration is under construction
Where I keep afloat the universe
Where boat never sinks boat
Where tasting sweet air and fear of heights
Footsteps explore drop-offs
Only from dark coal tunnels
White diamonds come
But only by the Light
They are recognized

Akiane was born on July 9, 1994, in Mount Morris, Illinois, USA. Her family lived in Illinois, Missouri, Colorado and Idaho, experiencing poverty and affluence. Began drawing at 4, and painting at 6, teaching herself and learning mostly from her own keen observation and study. Speaks four languages: Lithuanian, Russian, English and Sign Language. At 4, had a life-changing spiritual transformation, bringing the family to God. At age 7 began writing poetry and aphorisms. The inspiration for her art and literature comes from her visions, dreams, observations of people, nature and God … Her biggest wish is that everyone would love God and one another. Her life goal is to share her love for God and people around the world.

Here are some posts from Akiane’s blog.

The link to Divinity
The link to divinity can appear as a rope pulling us up or a chain pushing us down depending on where we stand and how we view life. It is not just a connection to one place or one segment of truth – it is a connection to the whole divinity. Portals of divinity are everywhere.  I believe that children may enter these divine portals easier, because they are seeking for answers in the purest way. Painting, composing music, creating philosophy and poetry is my own link to Divinity …

Life – the Past and the Future
Sometimes life to me is like a Rubik cube twisting to all possible directions.
I believe our future can never be predicted no matter how much we try to pretend that we can. We simply need to live in each moment as if it was our first and last in compassion, freedom, action and faith.
Life is precious. We should not take anything for granted. Living every moment as if it was our first and last is a genuine life of gratitude, acceptance and wisdom.
The art of life is loving and listening to one another.
Life appears incomplete, but no matter what position or time it is set at – it is already solved and ready for us (just like in a puzzle cube).
Our experiences are waiting for us – we simply chose to live through the challenges and mistakes. If we don’t live through difficulties, we cannot see the solved puzzle at the end. If there is nothing new, there is nothing old.
There is no real ending: the future paints the past, and the past models for the present that is continually changing.
If we knew the end, then there would be no future. Wisdom of the future depends on today’s decisions.
If we knew the beginning, then there would be no beginning. And if we knew the present, then the present would not come to us as a gift.

Truth, Quantum and IT
Some of us are convinced that we have already found the truth, others are still searching for the greatest power, but the ultimate truth lies humbly within each of us – the best place to hide the infinite treasure. And that is a true power and the greatest mystery of God.
We are all ONE, no matter in what form, space or time. As ONE we can change the world if we start changing ourselves.

Visions, Dreams & Faith
I never intend to control, stimulate or simulate any vision or dream: it sort of has its own spirit. Everything to me is a hologram, and the vision becomes like a millennium accepting its award on the stage of infinity. It is a gift to see your Self in everyone everywhere.
The divine instructions are always a mystery – it might take only a moment to view them, but the whole eternity to fully comprehend them.
Faith is like a seed that we can nurture as we grow in it. If we did not grow from inside it, we would develop pride. Without pure faith there would be no hope.
Without patience, faith would be also powerless …

Heaven and Hell on Earth?
The environment of my life was exceptionally inspirational and positive – the experience was a truly heaven on Earth. But not everybody had such circumstances in life like I had.
Through my visionary experiences, I feel the pain of other people as deeply as their own. I am convinced that here on Earth there is also hell. Here are 815 million people worldwide who go hungry every single day … To me hell is also a state of mind, the scorching heat of anger, the envy and control.
But Heaven does exist within us and outside us; I also believe we can create our own heaven here on earth, not just for ourselves, but for others as well.
The purpose of living is living life for others and creating relationships. And that is where we will find true happiness and glimpses of heaven …

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