«The most interesting thing is to understand where the command center of the Universe is. You seat, and you think, and you can’t get where it came from… It might be like The Creator has just put a machine and now he is seating and having a cup of tea. And He just watches everything works in a right way. The Creator is a programmer. He has made the greatest program that rules everything. And there is a question where The Creator came from…» – Tipler, 15 y.o.

– Can you explain how the world is made in your opinion?
– In my opinion there are no sins, no hell, no heaven, no good and no evil. These are emotions. What is good and what is bad? If you give a candy to a child – the child will like it and so will you. It seems like it’s good. And what if a man was hired to trouble somebody. Is it good? Because you know the one who hired him would be very glad for his will was done. If you like it, it is good. If you don’t like it, it is bad. If a man is not in the mood he wouldn’t like another one to come to him, pat him on the back and say: «you’re so good…» and if a little baby is treated like that the baby would like it. Good, bad, sin are just emotions. That’s it.
– How did we come here?
– We wanted so… there is always a choice. Most likely we make a contract as we go down on Earth. And if don’t keep our promises, next time we will have to do this contract and a new one. There was a basic contract long time ago. And many of us just didn’t do it right. And those who did, they can come here again. Well, to meet old friends for example. And they do remember their former lives, as they learned the lessons and got the knowledge.
– And have you made your choice?
– I'm still thinking over my choice. I’ve just started talking to my alter-ego this morning. I was sitting at my computer till six o’clock in the morning. You know it is holiday and I am off from school. I went to bed but I couldn’t sleep. It was hot. And I suddenly heard a voice. I thought I got crazy. «Who is this?»– I asked. And it answered: «This is your alter-ego». It was the general energetic part of mine. «What’s your name?» – I asked. «The same as yours». «And what about the other world?» And he gave me very nice sounds in some energy language, some kind of crystal language or something. You can’t ever speak it! He was laughing. And then my neck started inching and he asked why I was reacting on this. «You learn, you’ll need it in life». And then he says: «Ok, you have to sleep now. There’s something interesting waiting for you in the morning». And it really was so.
– Do you like it here?
– Well it’s not really tough here. I like it a lot. I like this pillow – it’s soft and funny. I like popping bubbles, you know, those stuff for packing. I like making web-sites. Love is a cool thing here. In other worlds love is energy. And here it also can be physical. So I believe it is cool. Look how many great things we have: it is summer and it is good. Hot but if there is a pond somewhere near by it is wonderful…
– It is sensible philosophy…
– I just don’t care. It used to be different way, like this life pisses me off so much. And I met someone. Now he is my best friend. He taught me not to think about past and live a good life right now. I used to worry a lot. But what for? Live while you can. And everything’s okay.
– And nothing bothers you? Don’t you ever get bored?
– The point is when something pisses you off and you get bored – you get something new. Everything is designed this way here. Take me, I was skating. And I was fed up. And I found roller-blades in my closet. Cool! Well, it is like the same thing but still cool. The speed is higher on roller-blades, and you can do a lot of tricks. That’s the point. If you are not fed up with something, you don’t get pleasure from something new.
I like this world. Though the potential is limited here you can feel whatever you want. You are chained but sometimes you can set yourself free and that it great! I like it. And then you can get to another world where you’ll get unbelievable freedom. But you can be fed up even with it and then you might want to go back here…
– Do you believe that everyone has a mission?
– Mission is what we decide for ourselves. And our alter-ego tries to push us to this. Those who fail got second chance. Those who are here for the first time don’t really understand what is going on. And they have to be taught. As for me I understood many things since I was a little boy…
You know, everybody is fussing around 2012! It is real panic. But I don’t think everything is going to end in 2012. I’d like it to be like 2010, 2009, 2008 and so on!
– And who is to decide?
– I am! (Laughing). Just kidding…
You know, 2012 is propaganda… There is The Creator… And God is a fiction name made for religion: God, Allah, Buddha. In my opinion religion is just another way to conquer the power! The same as policy. There are a lot of people who do not obey laws. They think: “Who are they to tell me what to do”. And as for religion it talks about higher power, about penalty for bad deeds and prize for good. Take and compare Bible Commandment and laws! Can you see the resemblance? Do not kill. Do not steal. That’s it! I believe the religion was made by people to get power over other people!
However if you come to church you’ll get better. And it is not just energy. Everybody prays there, they get it off their chests. People are happy that someone will help them, people get hope. For example if you play good classic music, molecules of water change. And it is the same in church – good thoughts and kind words bring happiness and make you clean.
– And how is The Creator connected to that?
– The Creator watches everything in the World to work well, to be in harmony. The harmony is the most important thing. He created everything not step by step. He made it at once. How could one build a house without wood? Or how could one create a Solar System without the Sun? How He could create The Earth and then The Sky?
The Earth would not exist without The Sky… The Sky would not exist without The Earth!
The Universe would not exist without one single galaxy. Everything should be in harmony, so everything was created at once.
Well, philosophy is a cool thing indeed! You are just sitting and thinking and then you can find answers for many big questions. If you think clearly and logically you can discover a lot.
You know, physicists discovered that there was a black hole in the center of the galaxy, and star systems go around this hole. The planets in The Solar System go around The Sun and around itself. And galaxy systems go around the biggest black hole ever! Can’t even imagine, huh… And every minute one galaxy disappears in this black hole! How many star systems are there in one galaxy? Billions of billions and even more. And all of this is The Universe. And what if there are a lot of Universes? Endless number? And this big black hole is like a Universe in size. And it produces the greatest gravity owing to that the law of gravity appears…
– And it turns that this black hole makes the dynamic of the whole Creation…
– Yes. The most interesting thing is to understand where the command center of the Universe is. You seat, and you think, and you can’t get where it came from… It might be like The Creator has just put a machine and now he is seating and having a cup of tea. And He just watches everything works in a right way. But experienced hackers can find a way to crack this program. The Creator is a programmer too and he made the greatest program. And he left a loophole for sure, just in case, so he would be able to hack it. Well, it is a question where the Creator came from…  
– Has He always existed?
– But there must be the beginning somewhere… Can you imagine The Creator to live never being born?..

INTERVIEW | Alice Berger
TRANSLATION | Catherine Krotova