My Past Life

It was interesting enough there. It was not on Earth, but it was located by distance in millions of light years. The planet has been abounded alive creatures: giant plants which ones were growing by a spore during three days and to twenty meters long, insects not less one meter in length, and colored in times brighter than the most beautiful butterflies, and above all we were there. We are not insects, not beasts, but … robots.

Mortimer Kolosov

The strong desire to cast aside all pompous roles of adults, conversing with children, and to listen, opening a mouth, appears in Morty’s presence. He is 14 years old guy who takes a great interest in computer graphics. In his judgments he is surprisingly emancipated to stereotypes of our world.


12-y.o. Anastasia lives in Indianapolis, U.S.A., and like all children goes to school, and during holidays staying with her grandmother. At this moment Anastasia, like Carroll’s Alice, has miracles happening... For her grandmother is not just a grandmother, but a shaman and healer, and together with Anastasia they often go to those places that require their presence and assistance. They work with the Earth, providing support to all living creatures, they communicate with the inhabitants of the invisible world... Since her childhood Anastasia is friends with the dragon, which grows along with her, and the last two years Anastasia channells messages, addressed to all beings on our planet.

Indigo children

«When people come on Earth, they get born little. The little ones have possibility to know how much Big the World is. When I speak with adults, not everything is clear to me, but when I understand I want to speak yet more. By this way I became acquainted with many people which oned appeared interesting. They tell me much of that I did not know I study with help of them. And my mother looked at my ratings and said she will study with me long enough». Sasha is ordinary child 13 years old which lives in Moscow. His mother is a child doctor, his father is a guard. He is getting «4» and «5» rating by the secondary school. However he sees and understands many things othergates than his coevals. At first he tried to talk about it, but left off then: «My parents do not like when I tell about that I see. They consider it is fantasies and nonsense. And they still say me to spend more time to get educated and not to be up in the clouds. I almost tell nothing to people around. It is not allowed. They do not allow me. When a man can appears and it is allowed to tell him he is shown to me. The Light goes by such man».