The Age of Winding a Spring

This is the definition of the age between 12 and 17 given by Gregory Kvasha, the author of a structural horoscope. According to his theory, human life can be divided into stages that match the signs of the Zodiac. Every stage has its goals and personal fulfillment during this stage depends on how well these goals are understood.

Your world

World – is an infinite variety of individual worlds. And when you are calm and happy, you can show yourself as you came into this world. World needs you as you are, individual, different from the others. Whatever you do, do it yourself. It's you who creates, creates your own world.

Thousand faces of God

No doubt you spend much time at the mirror. What do you want to realize, looking at your reflection? Your nose is long or snub, your eyes are large or not, your lips ... your eyelids, cheeks, hair ...