Anastasia (Indianopolis, USA)

«Hello and thank you for sending me a letter. I will gladly tell you about myself. First of all I will tell you what I like to do. I love to draw! Art is one of my best talents. I can draw realistic and Anime! I am very good at piano and the Indian flute and the recorder (flute). I love music and am a great singer. But most of all I love to do meditation every day when I get the time!»

My Past Life

It was interesting enough there. It was not on Earth, but it was located by distance in millions of light years. The planet has been abounded alive creatures: giant plants which ones were growing by a spore during three days and to twenty meters long, insects not less one meter in length, and colored in times brighter than the most beautiful butterflies, and above all we were there. We are not insects, not beasts, but … robots.