Fedor Konyukhov

«In my travels I am looking for an explanation of the meaning of life. I want to know why a person is born, matures, passes through many challenges, marries, brings children into the world and then dies – and the same happens with his children. Over and over again».


«I teach, and they run away. I listen, and they come. My strength is my silence». Akiane, child prodigy of 9 y.o.

Inna Kozhurina

It is very comfortable to communicate with 14 y.o. Inna, but to write about her is not so easy. It is difficult to find words that would reflect the joy of such a communication ... And if we approach the matter more formally, then Inna likes to read and listen to good rock music, she learns German language, and weaves tapestries. Most of all she resembles a young elf, and it is not surprising: Inna is keen on fantasy and dreams to meet real dragon. But we talked with her not about the beautiful world, inhabited by wondrous beings with extra power ...


12-y.o. Anastasia lives in Indianapolis, U.S.A., and like all children goes to school, and during holidays staying with her grandmother. At this moment Anastasia, like Carroll’s Alice, has miracles happening... For her grandmother is not just a grandmother, but a shaman and healer, and together with Anastasia they often go to those places that require their presence and assistance. They work with the Earth, providing support to all living creatures, they communicate with the inhabitants of the invisible world... Since her childhood Anastasia is friends with the dragon, which grows along with her, and the last two years Anastasia channells messages, addressed to all beings on our planet.