Inna Kozhurina

It is very comfortable to communicate with 14 y.o. Inna, but to write about her is not so easy. It is difficult to find words that would reflect the joy of such a communication ... And if we approach the matter more formally, then Inna likes to read and listen to good rock music, she learns German language, and weaves tapestries. Most of all she resembles a young elf, and it is not surprising: Inna is keen on fantasy and dreams to meet real dragon. But we talked with her not about the beautiful world, inhabited by wondrous beings with extra power ...

Ann Vlasova

Friendship, psychology, music, eternity, magic, parallel worlds, extraordinary people, ordinary happiness – these are some of the things that constitutes the range of interests of 14-year-old Ann. She loves to read and in many cases has her own opinion, which she is ready to defend. Ann takes an active approach in life, striving to turn every situation into a positive experience. She wrote essays on the relationship between human beings. Ann explains latitude of her views: «I love to love ...»

Bianca Ryan

It was so incredible. Red-haired, round-faced 11-year-old American girl reached the stage where the participants of the America's Got Talent performed, then she introduced herself and said that she will sing a song And I am Telling You I am not Going by Jennifer Holiday. «Oh, this is a great song, Mama», – the jury was surprised. Bianca began to singing – and the members of the jury could not sit in their places, their eyes was filled with tears from emotions! Like Dzhelsomino’s magic voice her song shakes the souls with the splendor of tone and breadth of the range, a powerful expression and penetration. The audience took a wave of enthusiasm, and even the members of the jury, which must keep a calm, acknowledged that it is simply impossible to believe. At the final of the contest young winner performed Piece of My Heart just like only Janis Joplin could... And in 2006 a new legend in American music was born. Bianca won the prestigious competition and won a million dollars. Now the girl has successfully touring on the U.S. in support of their album and appears in various shows.