The Age of Winding a Spring

This is the definition of the age between 12 and 17 given by Gregory Kvasha, the author of a structural horoscope. According to his theory, human life can be divided into stages that match the signs of the Zodiac. Every stage has its goals and personal fulfillment during this stage depends on how well these goals are understood.

Daniel Bobkov

12 year old Daniel has a keen and vivid mind. Take for instance one of his passions – study of insects. He even used to fall asleep with the book Life of Insects by Fabr while researching other articles on this topic. Daniel likes to watch ants, bugs, caterpillars and dragonflies while outdoors. He is excited to spot a rare kind and can tell interesting details about it. Daniel is also very creative: he likes to play with play dough and populate the planet Yalmez that he created. Studying the existing reality to create his own … Danya knows a lot about it.

My Past Life

It was interesting enough there. It was not on Earth, but it was located by distance in millions of light years. The planet has been abounded alive creatures: giant plants which ones were growing by a spore during three days and to twenty meters long, insects not less one meter in length, and colored in times brighter than the most beautiful butterflies, and above all we were there. We are not insects, not beasts, but … robots.