Anastasiya Shkurko

We all day dream sometimes, and for us the dream can be close to reality … However, for those children around the world who are living in poverty, such dreams are much further away. The Save the Children organization focuses on protecting underprivileged children against exploitation and injustice. Therefore, St. Andrews Save the Children has been focusing on funding, raising awareness about the millions of affected children, as well as locally volunteering at primary schools. As a way of raising money to provide the children with school books, nutritional foods and shelter, Anastasiya (the President of the St. Andrews chapter) will be skydiving. So let's open our eyes and take flight together to turn all dreams into reality!..

Your world

World – is an infinite variety of individual worlds. And when you are calm and happy, you can show yourself as you came into this world. World needs you as you are, individual, different from the others. Whatever you do, do it yourself. It's you who creates, creates your own world.

Secret of My Own Moscow

Moscow … I live here from my birth. And I just recently began to understand the real charm of this city. When I am feeling well it is sun here, when I am sad it is lonely here, when I sing my voice is heard all over a street, when I dream nobody will not understand and accept me so much like Moscow does. I can get dissolved in it, I can be marked. I can going to the lump, and, vice versa, I can spread myself on kilometers. Moscow is the part of my world. It is that where I live. But it is a motherland not quite. I do not love a word «motherland» at all. I do not see definition of it.